Cleanse Kit

Gift Set Complete with blends and recipes!

The Cleanse Kit contains four bottles of essential oils known for their rejuvenating, deodorising and anti-bacterial properties to cleanse and refresh your home and mind. Each with its own health and wellness benefits, 100% pure essential oils are perfect to use together, to create unique aromatherapy blends.

Detox your mind and body with four cleansing bottles; Lemon, GingerPine and Rosemary. Complete with three unique blends and recipes to create wellness blends at home.  

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4 x 10ml 

Expertly sourced and bottled in the UK. 

Ginger (Origin: India)
Ginger spicy, fresh aroma has warming and soothing properties. This empowering essential oil can aid emotional balance and boost your mood. Known as the oil of empowerment, Ginger essential oil has the ability to inspire confidence and eliminate fear and self-doubt.

Lemon (Origin: Italy - Sicily)
Known for its antibacterial properties, diffusing Lemon essential oil refreshes and purifies the air whilst leaving a zesty burst of fragrance. Lemon essential oil can boost energy levels and energise and enhance your mood. 

Pine (Origin: Austria)
Derived from pine tree needles, pine essential oil is uplifting and invigorating. It can lift your mood, relieve stress and ease tension. Energising Pine essential oil enhances concentration and promotes positivity. 

Rosemary (Origin: Spain) 
Rosemary has a clean, soft menthol scent, known for relieving mental fatigue, whilst purifying, invigorating, reviving and strengthening.


100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.