Essentials Kit

Essential Oil Gift Set Complete with blends and recipes!

A collection of the most popular and must-have essential oils for aromatherapy. Each with its own health and wellness benefits, 100% pure essential oils are perfect to use together, to create unique aromatherapy blends.

The Essentials Kit contains four nourishing bottles of pure essential oils Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Complete with three unique blends and recipes to create wellness blends at home.  

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4 x 10ml 

Expertly sourced and bottled in the UK. 

Lavender (Origin: France)
Relaxing and calming, it reduces anxiety and emotional stress and aids a dreamy nights sleep. A woody, floral and soft scent to create a sleepy haven. 

Sweet Orange (Origin: Italy - Sicily)
Uplifting, energising, warming and calming, Sweet Orange is an ideal mood enhancer and relaxant whilst having a balancing effect on the mind. Sweet, bright and citrus, Sweet Orange is clean and refreshing. 

Peppermint (Origin: India)
Minty and refreshing, stimulating & rejuvenating, Peppermint is the perfect boost of concentration to reduce mental fatigue. Peppermint is crisp and green in its scent, with a sweet undertone. 

Eucalyptus (Origin: Spain) 
Uplifting, refreshing and stimulating, Eucalyptus can be used to revive mental fatigue & aid decongestion. An awakening menthol scent perfect for stuffy noses and aiding deep breathing.  


100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.