Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery FAQs

  • How can I track my delivery?
    • Login to your account via and click on order history. Alternatively, you will be forwarded an email with your delivery information about your order.

      If your order is delayed for over 5 days, please contact our customer services team at You will need to quote your order number.

      Lost/damaged during transit.
  • Why has my order been cancelled?
    • If you have not asked us to and your order is cancelled, this means we are out of stock. Please accept our apologies if this is the case. We are unable to contact you individually to notify you of this. Refunds will be processed via original method of payment.
  • What are the conditions of returning my goods?
    • Goods must have been bought within a 14 day period

      Goods must be returned unopened

      We can only refund a purchase that is bought directly from online at

      Please contact our customer services team if you are unsure,

      Please ensure goods are returned in a suitable condition – we will be unable to accept items that are not returned in the conditions as stated above.
  • How do I return goods bought from
    • Please refer to the ‘conditions of returning’ section.

      Package the goods safely and despatch to:

      Europium World UK Ltd
      Unit 9 Ringway Trading Estate
      Off Shadowmoss Road
      Manchester, UK
      M22 5LH

      You will need to pay the postage where we suggest you keep a copy of your proof of postage in a safe place. We cannot accept liability for goods that are lost/damaged during transit.
  • How long will the refund take?
    • Once we have received the goods, we will assess the product and notify you within 14 working days where your refund claim will be processed within 5 working days from receiving a notification from us.
  • How can I exchange a product?
    • Please contact customer services at 0161 257 3644, please ensure you have your order number to hand.

      If you would like to exchange your product, please ensure you refer to the ‘conditions of returning my goods’ section.

      If an additional payment is required, you will need your debit/credit card ready.

      Once your product has been returned to us, we will despatch your goods accordingly.
  • Problems with my order?
    • Please contact customer services at 0161 257 3644, please ensure you have your order number to hand.
  • I want to make a complaint
    • Please contact customer services at 0161 257 3644.

Customer Service FAQs

  • I am worried my diffuser is going to cause damp in my home.
    • Aroma diffuser’s do not use a heat source so no condensation is produced from the unit. The vapour that comes from the unit is commonly mistaken as steam, you can assure your customer that the diffuser will not cause damp.
  • Is it safe around pets and children?
    • As there is no heat source the diffusers are safe to use around both children and pets. They are simply just filled with cold tap water and a few drops of fragrance/essential oils.

      They are also safe to leave on as all diffusers have an auto shut off feature.
  • Are your products BPA free?
    • madebyzen® policy on BPA (Bisphenol A) 2018.

      BPA is a chemical used to make plastics (including containers that come into contact with food e.g. refillable drinks bottles and food storage containers. It is also used to make some protective coatings and linings for food and drinks cans).

      Some people are concerned about BPA because tiny amounts of the chemical can be transferred from packaging into food and drinks.

      The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have found that dietary exposure to BPA is not a health concern for any age group.

      All plastics used in madebyzen® Aroma Diffusers comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Testing Standards Directive 2011/65/EU.

      It is almost impossible to have a plastic that is ‘BPA free’, but there are acceptable levels set by the EFSA below which there is no probability of harm to health.

      All plastics used in madebyzen® Diffusers fall within a very safe range; less than 50ppm=50mg/kg.

      BPA free plastic are usually required for container of food and beverage, baby products and medical equipment.

      Whilst Aroma Diffusers do not need to use BPA free plastic, we have taken steps to ensure that all our plastic material used are at the well within the acceptable levels and comply with the RoHS Directive.

      Furthermore, if the operating temperature of the plastic is not over 100 degree centigrade, there will be no BPA released that can influence the body’s health. madebyzen® Aroma Diffusers would never reach these operating temperatures with normal operation.
  • Are your Oils pure essential oils and 100% natural?
    • Signature Fragrance Oils – A blend of fruit and floral oils with a fractionated coconut base.

      Purity Oils – Blend of essential and fragrance oils with 15% pure essential oils.

      Botanical and classic essential oils – 100% Natural pure essential oils.

      Classic Fragrance oils – fractionated coconut oil base but fragrance oils, not natural.
  • Can I use oils from other companies in your Aroma Diffusers?
    • Any oils can be used if they are water soluble.
  • Do your oils/aroma diffusers provide any medical advantages?
    • Some of our customers have reported that they have found breathing or dryness of skin to improve whilst using an aroma diffuser, however there are no medical studies to back this up therefore we CANNOT make any medical claims.
  • How long do the Reed Diffusers last for?
    • They can last between 3-4 months depending on where they are located. If they are close to a heater this could quickly dry out the reed diffuser.
  • Are your products easily recyclable? Are they easier to recycle than other products? Can diffusers be returned to you for recycling?
    • We do subscribe to the WEEE Regulations: we pay a subscription for the waste we create as the adaptor and aroma diffuser section cannot be disposed in the normal waste stream: In accordance to WEEE Directive (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) 2012/19/EU this equipment should not be disposed of in the normal waste stream.
  • Do your aroma diffusers heat the water?
    • The water does not heat up inside, however the water will become warm after several hours use.

      Factors that affect the temperature of the water include; room temperature, the heat of the water placed in the unit and the electric current that is running through it. It is perfectly normal for the water temp to increase over time. Especially if it has been running all day. The water should not exceed 30-40°c
  • What ingredients are in your oils?
    • Customers can visit the website and select “Other Product” select the oil type (Purity, Signature, Classics etc) scroll to the bottom and on the left-hand side click on the “Click Here” button and it will provide the ingredients for each oil.
  • Can I use the oils on my skin?
    • Our oils are not for cosmetic use.
  • Are your essential oils organic?
    • No
  • Where do I get spare parts?