Discover the Kiri, our first Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser that acts as a Humidifier, with a super high mist output. Designed to stimulate your senses and enhance your wellbeing throughout the day, the Kiri is the perfect choice for open plan living spaces, your office or even a yoga studio or spa. With an ultra-high mist setting and 700ml water capacity, the Kiri infuses larger spaces for up to 23 hours.

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Simply fill with water via its convenient top-loading feature, add a few drops of your chosen essential or fragrance oil and select your desired mist intensity with the innovative slider button. This really is the future of everyday aroma-wellness, a safe, heatless method of humidifying the air around you while scenting your space with a personalised wellness boost.

You can use the Kiri with any of our wonderful MADE BY ZEN oils or your own favourites. Try Lemon or Peppermint or antibacterial and immune-supporting effects, Lavender or Geranium for less stress and better sleep or Orange and Rosemary for more energy.

The Kiri also features a colour-changing mood light, which slowly transitions from one shade to the next with the option to pause on a colour to match your mood or your interior. For your safety, the device will automatically shut off when the water runs out.

• Suitable for use with any essential or fragrance oils (MADE BY ZEN oils recommended)
• Colour-changing mood light
• Night mode, so diffuser can be used without the light
• Mist intensity controlled by slider
• Mist duration – up to 23 hours
• No heat, so no degradation of essential oils
• Worry free, turns off automatically once the machine runs empty, making it safe to use around children or pets
• No mess, wax or smoke
• Easy to clean