The Rosso cleverly works as both a glass lamp emitting soft ambient light and as a fragrance diffuser to enhance and personalise your self care rituals. Your room will feel like an expensive spa as the soul soothing scented mist fills the air creating instant calm.

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Elegantly combining the latest technology with luxurious modern design, our beautiful Rosso Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser adds a feminine touch to any living space while delivering a wellbeing boost of hydrating mist and calming fragrance.

Carefully fill with tap water and a few drops of your chosen essential or fragrance oil and switch on to release a heatless mist of scented vapour. This is believed to be the best way to diffuse the beneficial effects of any fragrance into the air, as without direct heat essential oils are not degraded.

You can also enjoy the skin-boosting properties of the humidifying mist alone, without adding fragrance, which can help counteract dryness created by central heating and air conditioning systems.

The Rosso automatically shuts off when the water falls below a certain level making it safe to use around children and pets and can be used without the light to send you into a gentle, aroma-induced slumber.

• Suitable for use with any essential or fragrance oils (MADE BY ZEN oils recommended)
• Emits a relaxing ambient light
• Night mode, so diffuser can be used without the light
• Two mist settings – constant, intermittent
• Mini humidifier improves air quality
• Mist duration 4+ hours
• No heat, so no degradation of essential oils
• Worry free, turns off automatically once the machine runs empty, making it safe to use around children or pets
• No mess, wax or smoke
• Easy to clean
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Colour Options White
Material Glass, Resin, All