4 ways to fall asleep when you can't switch off

Many of us struggle to have a restful, calming sleep. After a busy stressful day, we can find it difficult to switch off. We understand the impact that a restful night can have on your mind and body. We share our expert tips to get to sleep when you can’t switch off, and how to create a night-time ritual that you’ll keep forever.

Create a soothing environment
Your environment has a powerful impact on your mind, body, and soul. Unwinding after a busy day is a million times easier when your environment is a soothing, calming haven. An aroma diffuser adds a warming light to any space, try the Kasper with a built-in breathing light that will slowly dim and brighten to bring instant tranquility.

Use aromatherapy and essential oils

Used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties, aromatherapy and the power of essential oils are proven to help you naturally unwind into a restful sleep. Adding a few drops of pure essential oil blends to your aroma diffuser, lighting an aromatherapy candle or spritzing a natural wellness mist are all ways you can incorporate essential oils into your nightly rituals. Try warming, woody and floral notes to help soothe and de-stress the senses.

Set a schedule

Our brains are like a muscle that we can train with daily routines that help to set internal ‘timers’ in our mind. Incorporating rituals into your sleep schedule like going to bed and waking up at the same time (even on weekends), lighting a candle, or using the same scent every night will train your mind and body into switching off. Being consistent with your sleep schedule helps to build your body’s natural cycle.

Practice mindfulness

Just a few minutes of meditation or breathwork helps to ground and center the mind, helping to release any tension and worries that you may be holding on to. As part of your sleep ritual, try practicing a Box Breath sequence with the Chi aroma diffuser as it dims and brightens to guide you through the exercise. Box breath slows down your breathing cycle with a harmonizing balance of inhale, hold…exhale hold. Read the 5 life-changing ways that breathwork can improve your wellbeing.


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Blended by aromatherapists, you can trust that every ingredient blended inside the Super Sleep Pure Essential oil blend will help you naturally unwind into a restful sleep. With woody, soothing notes of Lavender and Ho Wood, a few drops to your aroma diffuser will fill the room with a comforting scent.

Lavender Aromatherapy Candle £22

Perfect for relaxation before bedtime whilst you wind down and switch off your mind. Try avoiding screentime as you light the candle and inhale the scent of Lavender pure essential oil. The flickering light will gently light your bedroom melting away the day.