How to use aromatherapy around children

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and healing benefits. It’s a holistic and natural way to enhance and uplift everyday life. Used thoughtfully and carefully, they are perfect for using with your toddler and little ones. Aiding sleep, focus, mood and sickness, essential oils are the secret to a healthy and happy home. How to get started with using essential oils around kids? Read our top tips..


Make bedtime calming and stress-free with the proven sleep benefits of Lavender pure essential oil. The soft floral scent helps to relax, unwind and soothe the senses to encourage calm and relaxation. It’s the ultimate soothing aroma to help little ones drift away soundly.


It feels like kids are constantly picking up new bugs and sicknesses. Ease sniffly noses and congested sinuses with Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oils. Just 1-2 drops of these cooling, menthol oils help to clear blocked sinuses and encourage deep breathing. They fill the air with a vibrant minty aroma that instantly soothes and relieves.


Ginger essential oil is a warming, spicy aroma that has many powerful healing benefits. It’s ideal to soothe digestion and stomach aches, whilst easing nausea symptoms and stimulating appetite. Its spicy and energising aroma is also ideal to ease exhaustion and fatigue.


Create a happy and healthy home for your family with uplifting and positivity-boosting essential oils. Sweet Orange is vibrant, citrus and energising which promotes happiness and positivity. It’s perfect for brightening up rainy or winter days indoors, bringing an uplifting mood, or relieving anxiety and sadness. 


It can be hard to get kids to focus, for a brain-boosting kick try using Peppermint essential oil in your aroma diffuser. Known for its awakening properties, Peppermint is sweet, minty and refreshing which helps when your child is learning something new or working on homework.


Remember to always keep essential oils out of reach of children. Never apply essential oils directly to skin. Always be careful before diffusing essential oils around babies and newborns, and always consult with your pediatrician before use. Never ingest or swallow essential oils.