NEW! Your new fragrance rituals await.

Our NEW soy wax fragrance candles are inspired by beautiful rituals. The 'Forest Therapy' duo combines Pine & Rosewood and Cedar & Cardamom for a truly captivating forest escape. Find inner peace and calm with the healing power of forest air.

For a luxurious and elegant fragrance, 'Floral Ritual' bathes the air with the blissful scents of Ginger Flower and Jasmine & Pear. A breathtaking and calming ritual of flowers, the perfect scents for Spring.

Part of a new and exclusive collection of eco-friendly homewares, we've partnered with Kay Karter Studio to produce a limited number of candle coasters. 

Processed entirely by hand, Kay Carter Studio uses naturally formed minerals to produce one-of-a-kind homeware pieces in eye-catching colourful and marbled designs. Based in the UK, each one has been hand-created for MADE BY ZEN as part of a bespoke sustainable collection, with designs inspired by our new fragrance candles.

These beautiful presentation plates are made with natural minerals with beautiful gold marbling, each one unique! Sealed with beeswax, they are to durable and ready for however you use them.

Wondering how best to style your candle coasters? Read below for our top tips..


Use to adorn your favourite scented or aromatherapy candles to add a touch of luxury. Pairing perfectly with our new Floral Ritual and Forest Therapy candle duos, create a centerpiece to elevate your fragrance rituals.



An easy way to keep your favourite fragrances, essential oils and blends all in one place without looking crowded and unorganised in your interior. Place your diffuser on top of the tray for an instant luxurious addition to your wellness space. 



Sit these beautiful candle coasters by the front door for the perfect place to store your keys, wallet or earphones. Make your sideboard look organised and stylish whilst keeping your important items in a safe spot. 



Eco-friendly and sustainable, your thriving houseplants will love to sit on these beautiful candle coasters, creating an eye-catching platform for your eco-haven. They will also protect your surfaces and furniture by catching any leaks and water residue! 



Display your favourite perfume bottles, skincare products and your go-to lotions and potions. A beautiful area to keep your daily products as part of your skincare and getting ready routine! Keeping your space organised, beautiful and heavenly.