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Scent is a personal experience for everyone, with its ability to evoke memories, set the scene for any moment of your life, or become a comforting haven for your senses. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect diffuser oil for you. But with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to start. From essential oils to fragrance blends; read on to discover the ultimate guide to finding your perfect scent. 

Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are nature’s potent remedies; made from 100% pure concentrated oils, extracted directly from the plant itself. Each essential oil is proven to have its own therapeutic benefit to aid every wellbeing need from improving sleep, increasing focus, and reducing anxiety - to bringing peace and happiness. These natural oils are perfect for creating your own unique aromatherapy blends for your own needs.

We’d recommend you try; Lavender, Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus.

Purity Oils

Our Purity range contains a blend of fragrance notes with the added benefit of pure essential oils. These luxurious oils contain 15% of essential oil in each bottle, with ingredients selected for their therapeutic benefits to calm, soothe and unwind the senses. If you love home fragrance and you’d like to start using aromatherapy, this range is for you! The best of both worlds.

We’d recommend you try; Sleep, Spa and Breathe Easy

Fragrance Oils

Inspired by the world’s leading perfumers, this range is for the fragrance obsessive. Just a few drops added to your aroma diffuser will release truly irresistible fragrances that fill every corner of the room. You’ll find something to fall in love with from fresh, floral, exotic, sweet, or woody scents. Black is our ultimate best seller – a magnetically attractive fragrance with mint, lavender, and neroli, mixed with subtle spice and vanilla. 

We’d recommend you try;  Black, Fresh Linen and Berry Vanille 

Essential Oil Super Blends

This 100% natural range contains a blend of pure essential oils. Each ingredient is selected for its own therapeutic benefits. You can benefit from the power of aromatherapy your morning wake-up, afternoon focus time, to your best night’s sleep. These Super Blends contain luxurious ingredients selected for their benefits that fill the air with blissfully calming aromas to help you feel your best self.

We’d recommend you try;  Super Sleep, Super Meditate and Super Focus

Still deciding which range is for you?

Try these oil kits that are perfectly packaged to contain our best-selling and must-have oils, also making the perfect gift!

The Essentials Kit

For the one who’s new to aromatherapy, or simply needs to top up their essential oil collection. This best-selling set contains four of the must-have essential oils in any aromatherapist kit. You can diffuse each oil individually or blend them together to create your own recipes. Unsure where to start? This set comes with three unique recipes to recreate at home!

Essentials for Bedtime


Drift away with three of our most soothing Purity oils, each one blended for your best night’s sleep. This Bedtime set contains Calm, Sleep and Unwind to help soothe your senses with fragrance and essential oils. Containing calming notes of lavender, vanilla, rosewood and jasmine, they are the ultimate bedtime scents to help improve sleep.

Super Self-Care Pure Essential Oil Blends


Contains four of our must-have Super Blend oils for Sleep, Detox, Focus and Breathe. This oil set enhances your everyday routines and rituals, with aromatherapy to make you feel your best self. From your morning wake-up, afternoon focus time, to your bedtime wind down - these pure essential oils improve your wellbeing at every moment of the day. Inhale the goodness of 100% natural ingredients, with carefully selected oils such as ho wood, cardamom, ylang ylang, mandarin and black pepper.

Super Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blends


For the connected nature lover. This 100% natural essential oil kit is inspired by nature’s most healing elements; Forest, Ocean, Lunar, and Solar. These four unique scents fill the air with blissful aromatherapy, by connecting you to the healing power of nature. Expertly blended to contain luxurious ingredients selected for their healing properties like neroli, clary sage, and juniper berry. Emulating the ebb and flow of the sea, bright long sunny days, cool night air moonlit skies, and lush green forest air.

Each Super Therapy oil is not available to purchase individually.

Unsure which fragrance notes are for you? Use our handy fragrance wheel to understand where your favourite scents sit. Choose from floral, fresh & fruity, green, festive, sweet and woody.