the ultimate sleep ritual

Start a night-time ritual that you'll keep forever. 

We understand the powerful benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy to give you the best nights sleep. These dreamy and natural blends of Lavender, Ho Wood and Chamomile soothe the mind and body to unwind into a peaceful night-time ritual.

We've created three easy steps to help you bring you the ultimate Sleep Ritual. A soothing experience of natural ingredients, beautiful scents and soothing essential oils. 

Soothe the senses, relax and unwind with these three dreamy steps...

1. Add 3-5 drops of Super Sleep oil to your Aroma Diffuser  

This 100% natural Super Blend contains carefully selected super essential oils known for their wellbeing benefits for Sleep. Unwind into a natrual sleep with blends of dreamy and soothing Lavender, Ho Wood, Vetivert, Chamomile Roman and Patchouli. 100% natural, vegan and bottled in the UK.  

2. Spritz the Super Sleep Pillow Mist 

Instantly surround yourself with the benefits of Super Sleep essential oils. Spritz over your pillow, bedding or in the bedroom to bring inner calm, ready to unwind for a perfect night's sleep. It contains a soothing blend of Lavender, Ho Wood and Patchouli to set the tone for your sleep ritual. 

3. Light the Lavender Aromatherapy Candle  

Nothing says relaxation like the warming glow of a candle. This aromatherapy candle contains Lavender essential oil blended with soy wax to create an instantly calming bedroom haven. Fill the air with the soft and floral scent of fresh Lavender fields.