This Seasons Essentials To Re-set and Restore

There are many things to love about autumn - the colours, the sounds and even the smells.  As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, designing your home with products and pieces that invoke feelings of luxury, calm and relaxation will not only reap you the benefits now but could even have positive effects long into the winter. Our guide explores some of this season's essentials to re-set and restore and shares some expert advice on how to make your home a soothing haven to feel calm, comforted and ready to curl up for evenings indoors...

Scents are personal to everyone, and we all have seasonal favourites that evoke memories and bring us comfort. We recommend diffusing woody, spicy and amber scents that bring a warming and comforting feel to your home. Notes like Cedarwood, Ginger, Pine, and Sweet Orange help create an autumnal haven. 

Smells like outdoor adventure

Unwind with these two limited edition fragrance candles of pine and rosewood, cedar and cardamom. These miniature scented candles are packed with autumnal notes of grounding cedarwood, spicy cardamom and fresh pine. They are guaranteed to get you in the autumn spirit with scents inspired by pine forest walks, cosy woodland cabins and roaring log fires. Expertly blended with 100% natural soy wax and irresistible fragrance, they bring a warming and comforting glow to your home.

Aromatherapy for comfort

Sometimes we need a helping hand in switching off, and letting our mind and body restore to a peaceful state. This balancing and harmonising set is blended with pure essential oils to help ease tension and create a sense of calm. Unwind and restore with blends of Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, Ginger Lily, Amber and Spice.

A flickering, warming glow

Nothing makes a warming, cosy haven than the light of a flickering candle. It instantly calms and comforts the senses during those cold and gloomy autumn months. We recommend Black Luxury Scented Candle with notes of mint, lavender, neroli, sandalwood and cedar.


Essential Oil Blends to try this Autumn

Still trying to find the perfect scent for that "re-set and restore" feeling of Autumn? Try these four essential oil blends. It can be used to help relieve stress, and tension or to get more focus at work...

Uplifting & Calming

3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Cinnamon
1 drop Pine


Soothing & Stimulating

3 drops Ginger
3 drops Cinnamon


Invigorating & Energising

2 drops Sweet Orange
1 drop Pine
2 drops Frankincense
1 drop Lavender

Spicy & Wood

2 Drops Cinnamon
2 Drops Ginger
2 Sweet Orange
1 drop Cedarwood


If you'd like to find the right scents for you, check it our Scent wheel:

Add a warming diffuser light

The Fern Amber aroma diffuser is the perfect addition to your autumnal home décor. The embossed glass is tinted in a warming amber tone, that brings instant comfort to any room. Combining scent, wellness and design that acts as a stunning centrepiece lamp, it effortlessly releases your favourite scents whilst bringing calm to your home. We recommend adding a few drops of Comforting essential oil blend for a reassuring blend of rose, citrus and cedarwood with a hint of clary sage.

We hope that the coming season will be full of inspiration and relaxation, whether you're crafting a new hobby this autumn or hunkering down at home to enjoy your favourite hobbies in the evening. So pull up a blanket, grab a hot drink and snuggle down with your favourite indulgence … whatever it may be!