Why everyone should have a micro diffuser on-the-go

It’s the wellness essential you didn’t know you needed. With endless benefits and uses, a micro diffuser is your must-have pocket gadget to leave you feeling cool, calm, and cocooned with scent. Releasing a revolutionary super-fine mist, here’s how to get the most from your Eva micro diffuser.


Eva will instantly cool your skin in those moments when the intense summer sun begins to feel a little too hot for comfort. Giving you that much needed sigh of relief as you release its cooling mist on your face. Make Eva your favourite personal travel companion. It’s small and compact so perfect for use anywhere, whether a commute, in the car, at your desk, or whilst lounging on the beach.

The super fine mist particles effortlessly breeze over your skin to instantly sooth and calm. Simply use room temperature water or try adding iced water for an extra cooling burst, perfect for your summer holiday, or for our current UK heatwaves.


Eva’s nano-mist super-fine water particles are easily absorbed by your skin leaving you feeling instantly radiant and hydrated across your body or face. Eva’s mist is so fine you can even apply it directly over your make-up. We love to use it when we fly. It’s perfect to use whilst on a plane when the cabin air can be drying to skin.


Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance or essential oils to instantly surround yourself with the therapeutic power of aromatherapy. The super-fine mist will turn your selected oil into a blissful water vapour that scents the air around you. Try adding the Super Focus essential oil blend for a boost of productivity during the day, Super Meditate during your yoga class, or Super Relax during your busy commute home. Eva is an easy, on-the-go way to encapsulate the find the perfect scent to boost your senses.


The Eva transforms your personal space into a cocoon of scent wherever you may be. Use the power of aroma to feel immediately calm and serene anytime. It’s the perfect antidote for those stressful moments that can frequently crop up when we travel. Simply mist into the air around you. Use your favourite scents and essential oil as your personal pocket remedy, for an instant uplift or a moment of calm. It’s also spill-free, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go.

Shop the bundle and get Eva with the Essentials Kit which contains four pure single-note essential oils ideal for every moment of the day.

Simply add a few drops to the Eva to fill the air with the nourishing benefits of aromatherapy, whilst inhaling the irresistible scent. The ideal way to scent-scape your home this summer.

1. Peppermint

Add 1-2 drops to Eva and feel the revitalizing cooling sensation of minty peppermint on the skin. The scent is super green and minty, it instantly awakens the senses to relieve brain fog and increase concentration. Evoking the feeling of jumping into a cold plunge pool.   

2. Lavender

Long known for its sleep properties, lavender is the hero of essential oils. We recommend using a few drops in the Eva before bed to mist over your bedding and pillow will encapsulate your environment in a blanket of calm.

3. Sweet Orange

As the name suggests, Sweet Orange is a bright and joyful sweet citrus scent that brings feelings of positivity, calm, and happiness whilst relieving stress. Add a few drops to Eva to carry around your personal mood-booster.

4. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also an ideal essential oil for hay fever relief. It helps to clear sinuses and encourages deep breathing.

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