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Please contact customer services at /tel: 0161 257 3644, please ensure you have your order number to hand.

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As there is no heat source the diffusers are safe to use around both children and pets. They are simply just filled with cold tap water and a few drops of fragrance/essential oils.

They are also safe to leave on as all diffusers have an auto shut off feature.

Our signature home fragrance oils contain beautifully blended fragrances, in a completely 100% natural base. To replicate those beautiful notes you find in fragrance oils, these aren't natural.

The 100% pure essential oil single notes are expertly sourced and bottled with care in the UK, they are 100% pure, natural, vegan & cruelty free.

Our Purity Oils contain blends of fragrance oils with the added benefit of essential oils. To achieve the beautiful fragrance notes these oils are not natural, however the essential oils are 100% pure and natural.

Our Super Blends contain pure blends of essential oils and are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, bottled in the UK.

Some of our customers have reported that they have found breathing or dryness of skin to improve whilst using an aroma diffuser, however there are no medical studies to back this up therefore we CANNOT make any medical claims.

We do subscribe to the WEEE Regulations: we pay a subscription for the waste we create as the adaptor and aroma diffuser section cannot be disposed in the normal waste stream: In accordance to WEEE Directive (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) 2012/19/EU this equipment should not be disposed of in the normal waste stream.

The water does not heat up inside, however the water will become warm after several hours use.

Factors that affect the temperature of the water include; room temperature, the heat of the water placed in the unit and the electric current that is running through it. It is perfectly normal for the water temp to increase over time. Especially if it has been running all day. The water should not exceed 30-40°c

Calm Coins allow you to earn rewards whilst you spend! Receive even more Calm in every purchase. To earn coins you need to make sure you have an account created on our website.

You will receive 1 Calm Coin for every £1 spent. Each Calm Coin is worth 3p, meaning for every £100 you spend on our website, you will be rewarded £3 worth of Calm Coins! To get you started, we'll give you 100 Calm Coins in your account when you register. All existing accounts will be awarded 100 calm coins.

You can view your Calm Coin history and current rewards through accessing your account on our website.

Calm Coins have no monetary value and can only be redeemed for purchases on

WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
We take our duty to help our environment seriously. When we design, manufacture and distribute our electronic products, our responsibility goes beyond this to when they reach the end of their lives. To ensure electrical items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, we advocate the European Union's WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive.

What is the WEEE directive?
The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive is a European Union initiative that designates the safe and responsible collection, recycling and recovery of all types of electric and electronic waste. It covers any equipment with a plug or a battery.

What does the WEEE directive mean?
The WEEE directive imposes obligations to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment. It requires a high level of collection (including separate collection) of WEEE for treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal, so that the amount of WEEE going into landfill is dramatically reduced.

Why adhere to the WEEE directive?
Each of us will throw away approximately 3.3 tonnes of electrical goods throughout our lifetime. To preserve our environment, we need to look at ways of becoming more sustainable.

What is Made by Zen doing about this?
We are committed to the safe recovery of WEEE we produce and are part of a compliance scheme which helps us achieve the WEEE objectives. If you purchase a Made by Zen electrical product directly from us, we can collect and recycle it for you at the end of its life.

What do you have to do?
Nothing at the moment. But when the time comes to replace your old electrical equipment, you can take it to a designated collection facility (DCF) in your area for recycling. Visit to find your nearest DCF.

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol
Electrical and Electronic Equipment that was made after 13th August 2005 should display this symbol on the packaging or product. Do not dispose of the product in the general waste stream. Either send the product to be repaired and reused or recycle it at your nearest recycling centre.