Our Favourite Products for Aromatherapy On The Go

Our Favourite Products for Aromatherapy On The Go


Whether you have an important meeting, in the office, in your car or in a pilates session, you can have your self-care rituals while you're on the go with our collection of portable diffusers, Mists and Essential Oil Blends for a calming boost and a sensory escape.


Our NEW range of 100% natural Super Blends mists are expertly blended to contain pure essential oils, filling the air with super wellness-boosting scents to help you feel your best self.


When to diffuse:

Try this blend during meditation or yoga, or simply in a moment of peace and mindfulness.

Spritz over soft furnishings by your relaxation space or before bed, spray into the air to surround yourself with scent and the instant benefit of aromatherapy. Use as part of your daily wellness rituals to help you find a place of calm & inner balance with the power of essential oils.



Boost your natural glow and keep your stress levels in check with our Eva Micro Diffuser. The ideal solution when your complexion and your senses need an instant pick-me-up, the Eva releases a super-fine cooling mist that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Small and compact, it fits easily inside any handbag or desk drawer and is conveniently charged using a USB cable. The Eva is perfect for beauty on the go, travelling and holidays.


How to use: 

Use the Eva to hydrate clean bare skin in your morning beauty routine, to revive make-up throughout the day or to help calm nerves during times of stress or pressure.

The diffuser is fully compatible with any essential oils, which means you can customise the hydrating mist to your skin type, your mood or even the time of day simply by adding a few drops of your favourites. The diffuser can also be filled with calming floral water, such as Rose or Orange Blossom, for extra skin-soothing effects.

The Eva is also wonderful to use in a dreamy bedtime ritual as a pillow mist by adding some relaxing Lavender essential oil.



Experience Zen-on-the-go with the super sleek and portable Peri diffuser. The Peri scents your surroundings with waterless fan diffuser technology, for the instant wellbeing benefits of aromatherapy.

Ultra-portable, place next to your desk for some work from home wellness, take to your yoga practice or simply place next to you whilst relaxing for a calming boost and a sensory escape.




Slim, sleek and portable, the Nomad aroma diffuser releases a soothing aromatherapy mist to instantly scent your surroundings whilst on the go. Super versatile, simply charge, twist and move the Nomad to any room to give a boost of fragrance and serenity for up to 4 hours.

Charge by USB for ultimate aromatherapy on the go, the Nomad is perfect whilst at your desk, workout zone, car, or a moment of mindfulness where ever you are.


How to use: 

Simply add 3-5 drops of essential oil to your Nomad, to release the power of wellness and scent to any surroundings. Perfect for smaller rooms or for keeping nearby whilst working or in the car. 

Easy to operate, simply twist the lid and fill with water and your chosen essential or fragrance oils. The handy light indicators will show when the battery level is low, whilst the Nomad is charging, and once fully charged. 



Our new range of Super Blends oils are expertly created with 100% pure essential oils, bursting with blends to make you feel your best self. Fill the air with super wellness-boosting scents and experience the power of aromatherapy for every wellbeing moment.

Each Super Blend is expertly blended by aromatherapists, containing carefully selected super essential oils known for their health and wellbeing benefits. Nothing but pure blends of nourishing essential oils, for natural aromatherapy.

 Super Self-Care contains four of our amazing Super Blends; Detox, Breathe, Focus and Sleep.

4 x 10ml:

Super Detox contains a blend of Bergamot, Cypress & Juniperberry, a clean and bright scent with a sharp citrus note. A purifying and cleansing blend to help detox the mind and body. 

Super Breathe contains a revitalising blend of Eucalyptus, Sicilian Lemon, Peppermint, Pine, Thyme & Benzoin to encourage deep breathing. Awaken the senses and relieve sinuses with a blend to fill the lungs and aid congestion.

Super Focus contains a blend of Eucalyptus, Clove, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Myrrh to bring focus and concentration. Sharpen the mind and relieve brain fog with a blend of naturally awakening scents.

Super Sleep contains a dreamy blend of Lavender, Ho Wood, Vetivert, Chamomile Roman and Patchouli to help you naturally unwind into a restful sleep. The perfect pure and natural sleep blend for your night-time rituals. 


How to use: 

Simply add 8-10 drops to your aroma diffuser.