Our team share their empowering #NoteToSelf this International Women's Day

Our team share their empowering #NoteToSelf this International Women's Day

To celebrate this year's International Women’s Day, we asked the amazing women behind the team to share their #NoteToSelf. The pieces of advice, the words of empowerment, the words that have helped them feel strong, empowered, and inspired.

Here’s what they said..



Rachael, Customer Experience Advisor

“Push yourself to the edge of your limits. That's how they expand”

Only you can push yourself and if you don't try you will never know. I try and remember this making big decisions.



Bhavini, Finance Lead

“What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha.

I try to implement this into my life as much as possible. It is really easy to get drawn away from positivity and occasionally, it is a struggle but I always remind myself: your thoughts and imagination is what you manifest in your life. 



Natalie, Innovation Lead

“Choose to respond, not to react”

Life can throw many unexpected obstacles our way, we can’t control what has happened, but we can choose what happens next. Take 5 to gather your thoughts and go again!



Katy, Business Development Manager

“You are responsible for your own happiness!“

I wish I realised this earlier my life, and I often have to remind myself, then I make small changes to my day, and the happiness positively impacts all aspects of my life.



Ellie, Marketing Executive

“Nothing great happens in your comfort zone”

This has always been my comforting reminder that change, growth and all of the uncomfortable feelings that come with it are always the start of exciting new chapters, skills, learnings and experiences. Always be chasing that uncomfortable feeling!



Gabi, Digital Marketing Executive

"One day you will thank yourself for never giving up"

This #NoteToSelf reminds me that life is full of barriers, which we face every day. No matter how tired I am, the fight continues and victory is certain, so I'm happy after all, healthy body and mind is what matters, we are here to evolve.




Lisa, HR

“Cancel and Continue”

A lesson in life for Celia Imrie when she fluffed her lines during a play at the National – Sir Peter Hall the director, when Celia apologised, commented ‘Celia my dear – cancel and continue’. I’ve never forgotten hearing that lesson learnt by Celia during a radio interview.