Reasons why you need our newest most luxurious aroma diffuser

Reasons why you need our newest most luxurious aroma diffuser

Meet our newest arrival… The Negara aroma diffuser is our most sophisticated design, crafted from solid natural rubberwood and with a name inspired by the world's oldest rainforest, the Taman Negara. It calms, soothes and de-stresses the senses, whilst sitting beautifully in your home like a piece of art. Effortlessly filling your spaces with scent, to create a truly captivating aromatherapy experience.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need our latest new arrival…

Negra Aroma Diffuser- crefted from solid natural wood


 The Negara displays incredible craftsmanship with its solid, natural wooden cover. Made from sustainably sourced Rubberwood, this luxurious material is found in Malaysia. It takes inspiration from nature with its intricate ridging, which mirrors natural tree rings. Perfectly connecting you to the beauty of our earth’s forests, adding a touch of nature to your home.


Our Negra Diffuser- made from Solid Natural wood


Our homes have become our sanctuaries, our havens of calm. Negara perfectly connects your space to the beauty of our earth, to captivate the senses with the inspiration of nature. The Negara becomes a stunning addition to your interior even whilst not in use, sitting proudly with its deep rich colour and intricate ridges, inspired by nature’s tree rings.

Create a stunning, soothing home by combining natural rubberwood, exquisite design and captivating aromatherapy.

Super Therapy Gift Set


Negara releases a cool, scented aromatherapy mist to fill the air with your chosen fragrance or essential oils for up to 10 hours. Immerse yourself with blissful scents to improve your health and wellness.

For the ultimate natural escape, try adding a few drops of the Super Therapy pure essential oil kit. 100% natural blends inspired by the healing therapies of Forest, Ocean, Solar, and Lunar.

We love Super Forest – a unique blend inspired by Japanese Shinrin-Yoku, activating the magic of nature with the scent of green forest air combining eucalyptus, frankincense rosemary, and patchouli.

Our most beautiful diffuser



Choose from low, high and intermittent mist options, each one delivering your optimum scent intensity for whatever your needs may be. Select low mist to deliver a perfect stream of subtle scent, ideal for before bed, or to have on continuously throughout your working day.

Use the intermittent mode which will mist in 30-second bursts. It’s perfect for diffusing stronger scents that can become overpowering. The regular bursts of scent also mean that your senses don’t get ‘used’ to your chosen fragrance, by constantly delivering new bursts of beautiful scent.


Remote Control for the Negra Diffuser


Experience ultimate relaxation with effortless operation. You can use the handheld remote to turn the Negara on from anywhere in the room, with an impressive range. Sit comfortably whilst experiencing the captivating scent and its calming aromatherapy mist, selecting your desired settings. Super handy for use during meditation, exercise, before bed, or whilst simply relaxing.

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