Simple Steps to Create a Healthier Home

Simple Steps to Create a Healthier Home

A healthy home is a happy and peaceful one. It's a place where you can have quality time with your family or enjoy some quiet moments by yourself. Sure, it takes some effort and planning to achieve this type of balance, but with these simple steps to create a healthier home—it isn't hard at all. All you have to do is create a space where nothing can dampen your mood while creating a stress-free environment and maintaining consistency in your daily routine.

Use An Aroma Diffuser

1. Use an Aroma Diffuser

Adding light, scent and style to any corner of your home, aroma diffusers are the perfect way to create a healthy, calming atmosphere. They release a relaxing aromatherapy mist to fill the air with your favourite scents, whilst adorning your interior with style. Soothe the senses and instantly de-stress to turn your home into a scented haven.  This Oceania aroma diffuser is crafted from natural ceramic, inspired by coral reefs, and will turn your home into a natural sanctuary.


Detox the air in your home

2. Detox The Air 

Breathe fresh air to your home with naturally detoxifying pure essential oils. Essential oils like Lemon, Peppermint and Eucalyptus are naturally anti-bacterial and detoxifying, helping to remove odours and viruses. This Cleanse Kit is everything you need for a fresh, clean and healthy home with four bottles of pure essential oils; Ginger, Pine, Lemon and Rosemary. This kit is complete with recipes to create blends at home!

Use natural Candles

3. Use Natural Candles

Nothing says relaxation like the warming glow of a candle, marking a moment for mindfulness and relaxation. Opt for a clean-burning candle that is free from synthetic fragrances, paraffin wax and is non-toxic. Ensuring that you surround yourself in completely natural fragrance. These 100% natural aromatherapy candles come in many scents, and are made with soy wax combined with pure essential oils.


Add plants to your home to create a healthier environment

4. Add Plants

Whatever your level of ‘crazy-plant-lady’, having plants in the house not only creates your at home ‘jungalow’, they also purify the air around you. They add a touch of nature to your décor by hanging from shelves, worktops or placed on your coffee table, whilst improving air quality and reducing stress. Try starting with something small and easy to look after like a Peace Lily or a Monstera.

Spritz with a natural wellness mist


5. Spritz a Natural Wellness Mist 

When you need an extra burst of calm, these Wellness mists are ideal to use in any room. Perfect to spritz over pillows and bedding, in the living room or whilst in the bath. Calm the senses with 100% natural pure essential oils, to create an instant haven. The Relax Wellness Mist contains expertly selected blends of bergamot, ho wood, lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang and cardamom. A calming blend to de-stress into ultimate relaxation.