Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mum

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mum

Mother's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring the incredible women who have shaped our lives with their love, care and wisdom. While every motherly figure is unique and deserves appreciation, finding the perfect gift that truly reflects her personality and interests can sometimes be a challenge.

Whether she's a fashionista, a nature enthusiast, a culinary genius, or a tech savvy mum, there's a perfect gift out there waiting to make her day extra special. 


For the mum who always looks effortlessly chic and loves to stay ahead of the trends. The Kasper Aroma Diffuser is the perfect home accessory that will not only complement her flawless style but is a bold statement piece that is sure to turn heads ... just like she does. Pair it with one of our Signature Oils, choose from 20 rich, luxurious scents! Not sure which oil she'd like, try our ready made Home Signature Oil Collection. 



If your mum finds solace and joy in spending time outdoors surrounded by nature, she'll love our Super Therapy Oils blends inspired by nature's remedies. These 100% natural essential oil blends will nurture her love for the great outdoors and allow her to experience it, even on a rainy day or while she is busy at work. 
Pair it with one of our bamboo aroma diffusers. Choose from the Esta Aroma Diffuser or Arran Aroma Diffuser. Bring her love of outdoor adventures inside.


For the mum who loves nothing more than creating delicious meals that tantalise the taste buds and bring loved ones together around the table. For as much as she loves experimenting with flavours in the kitchen, we're sure she'll appreciate a gift to help manage any lingering scents and pamper her senses beyond the culinary realm.
Fill the air with pleasant, neutralising scents from the Cleanse Essential Oil Collection, this set includes 4, 100% natural essential oils and blending recipes. Pair these scents with the rechargeable Nomad Aroma Diffuser. Easy to use, the Nomad can be moved around the kitchen to tackle any unwanted scents. 



If your mum loves to prioritise self-care and wellness, our 100% natural Super Self-Care Oil collection is the perfect present, 4 powerful essential oil blends that help her feel her best self! Why not add a matching wellness mist, choose from Super Sleep, Super Relax or Super Meditate.
Help your mum find a moment of calm, relaxation and boost her well-being.


For the busy mum who's always juggling and constantly on the go, finding moments of relaxation and tranquility can feel like a luxury. What better way to enjoy a calm, relaxing evening than with the flicker of a candle. 

Gift your mum one of our luxurious Signature Candles, choose from 6 fragrances in 2 sizes! Not sure which scent she'll prefer, then the Signature Edit Candle set is perfect for you - our most loved fragrances in one gift box!

Or try our Lavender Essential Oil Candle, perfect for relaxing before bedtime, promoting a restful sleep. Unwind with the dreamy scent of soft and floral Lavender essential oil. 

Let's make this Mother's Day one to remember by showing our appreciation and gratitude for all the love and sacrifices our mums have made for us. 
Still looking for more gifts? Shop our gifts for her collection.

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