Learn how Improving breathwork can improve wellbeing

5 life-changing ways that breathwork can improve your wellbeing

To celebrate the launch of our latest breathwork tool...the Chi, we're sharing the life-changing ways that taking control of your breath can enhance your wellbeing. Chi is the aroma diffuser that not only adorns your home with light and scent with its ceramic cover, but also guides you through three unique practices of breathwork. It's the simplest and most effective wellness tool we own…our breath.

Practicing breathwork rituals in times of stress, brain fog, or for a moment of mindfulness can instantly make you feel centered, balanced and calm. Here are the life-changing ways that breathwork can make you feel your best self…

Release stress and tension


When we are stressed and anxious, our breath becomes short, shallow, and irregular. Taking slow, controlled deep breaths signals to our nervous system to calm down, and gets us out of that panicked ‘fight or flight mode.

Your fail-safe way to instantly bring you into a state of relaxation. Try ‘balance breath’ a slow, 6-second cycle of lengthy inhales and exhales to find peace and calm.

Improve sleep


When you’re in a calm and relaxed state of mind, the body is more likely to drift off into a dreamy and restful sleep.

Pair breathwork with the power of aromatherapy for the ultimate night-time routine. Inhaling soothing essential oils like Lavender, Super Sleep or Cedarwood can boost your sleep ritual.

Better focus and awareness


During times of brain fog and lack of focus, taking five minutes to control your breathing can dramatically affect your concentration and awareness.

Controlled, slow breaths help to bring attention to the mind and body, blocking out noise from other things that may be going on around you.

Allowing you to focus on the task at hand during your busy working day. Pair your Chi with our Super Focus pure essential oil blend for the perfect mental pick-me-up. 

Increased Positivity and Happiness


When the mind and body are focused and calm, we are more likely to be present in life and be able to live to the fullest.

Daily breathwork practices can help to increase our self-awareness, and improve our overall health and wellness, resulting in a happier and more balanced life!

Inhaling zesty, positivity-inducing essential oils like Grapefruit or Sweet Orange can help to put that extra spring in your step.

Release toxins from the Body


Our breath holds stress, tension, and toxins in our bodies. Breathwork can help to naturally detoxify the body, by increasing the oxygen levels in our blood, improving lung function, and expanding your diaphragm. Not only that, breathwork practices improve blood circulation and respiratory functions. The benefits are endless!

Try pairing your Chi aroma diffuser with essential oils to cleanse and detox